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With years of professional experience under our belt, we are proud to boast incredibly reasonable company secretarial services fees that are sure to avoid an unwanted increase in your business expenditure. We understand the key role a company secretary plays in the success of a business. That is why it is our humble goal to see that our clients receive affordable yet outstanding services. But beyond that, it is our duty to provide you with excellent company secretary services as tasked and listed in the Companies Act 2016.

Our company secretary fees only amount to RM199, which includes the fees paid to SSM as well as unlimited directors or shareholders. These affordable company secretary service charges are made possible through the introduction of our Secretarial Services Package, where clients can enjoy the aforementioned promotion price. It needs to be emphasised that only through the uptake of this package can clients enjoy the reasonable price of RM199, while on the other hand, the Express Secretary package is priced at RM980.

Company Secretary Fees
Save Your Budget


By choosing us, our clients can invest in a cost-efficient option to satisfy their company secretarial needs. It is understandable that the cost of hiring and training, company secretaries may sometimes be a burden to businesses. It is also important to note that the wages paid to in-house employed secretaries are likely to trouble organisations with fixed budgets. This is only natural as the roles and responsibilities of a company secretary span across an organisation. Hence, affordable company secretary service charges assist various companies in staying within an allocated budget while also benefiting in the form of competent and expert company secretarial services.

Work with us today and witness less business expenditure while remaining competitive amongst the best with our affordable company secretarial services.


Often, professional secretaries are hired according to a company’s wants and needs. What this means is that these professionals are employed to provide a specific service that is unique to the varying companies. However, when speaking of company secretarial services, it is composed of different types of secretaries. This gives companies the element of choice, where they can enjoy the many options of services that are suitable to their company. Thus, not only do our clients receive affordably priced company secretary fees, but they also get a varied list of services to help business operations run more smoothly and efficiently.

With that in mind, it is clear to see why you should choose us, C. & Co. Chartered Accountants, as your reliable and cost-efficient company secretarial service provider. Our hard-working and highly-trained professional secretaries are committed to helping your organisation achieve new heights and reach business goals, all at a suitable price through our smart packages.

We Offer Versatility